At Secondhand Hounds, we take on the cases no one else can or will. We make sure animals that are victims of abuse, neglect, bad breeding, or accidents have a chance. A chance to get the veterinary and emotional help they need, and eventually find loving forever homes. Our commitment to these animals comes at a price – we spend well over $400,000 each year on the veterinary care of our animals. Much of this goes to animals in our Fighter Fund. If they are willing to fight for their lives, then so are we.



Sunny came to SHH from a shelter in AL after being hit by a car, which left her with a shattered pelvis. The shelter that she was at saw potential, and just couldn't give up without trying to find her a rescue, so, they contacted us. We said "yes!" and Sunny was on her way. When she arrived in MN, her overnighter noticed that she looked a little plump but how could she be pregnant with a crushed pelvis? Sunny went in to be evaluated by the specialist and sure enough, she was about to be a Momma! A couple of weeks later, Sunny had a c-section to remove the puppies, five healthy little babes! Sunny has been an awesome Momma so far, we can't wait to have her babies move on so that she can find her own forever!


Truck was brought to a local emergency clinic and was surrendered into their care when his previous owners couldn't afford to treat his badly broken legs. His options were rescue or euthanasia, luckily, the emergency clinic called us. Truck had two surgeries, one on each leg, to fix the badly broken bones. Through each surgery, he was amazing. He was sweet and loving and couldn't understand why he couldn't run and play like a normal puppy! After months of care, his foster home found him an amazing adopter, where he'll live out the rest of his days being just what he wanted, normal!



Hermosa found herself in a shelter in MO, paralyzed. She didn't know what she had done to end up in such a place but lucky for her, the shelter staff loved her - so even when they shelter became over loaded, the staff fought for her to go to rescue. Hermosa made her way to SHH and saw our vets. We believed that she'd be wheelchair bound but they wanted to give an alternative therapy a chance. She started acupuncture and within weeks, was actually walking! Hermosa has gone through multiple acupuncture sessions now and you can't even tell that she ever had an issue! When it came time to make Hermosa available for adoption, her foster family decided that they couldn't bear to part with her and decided to foster fail, the best kind of failure that there is! 


The gray areas are the hardest in rescue. Holding the yes or no of a life in your hands is so tough, so emotional, and so humbling. Our foster coordinators do it every single day. Some stories haunt them. Some stories keep them moving during the rough days. No matter what, they are heroes. Pony is one of those gray areas. He came in to be temperament tested, because he doesn't feel well and his new owner (who got him from a "rescuer" on Saturday - a story for another day) could not afford his care. You guys, this dog came in wagging his tail at everyone. Dogs, cats, kids. You could tell he didn't feel well, but he was so gentle and still engaged. We fell in love.

Sara had told us absolutely he could be in the Fighter Fund program if he was a nice pup. So, we immediately said yes and took him over to Mission. 

And this is the gray area. This is the hard part. This is what keeps us awake at night. Pony had a tumor on his spleen. A big one. The vet said it wouldn't be the wrong answer to free him from his pain and let him go. The vet said we could do surgery and try.

We are not in the business of letting animals suffering.

We are not in the business of giving up, either. We do everything we can to give these animals the chance they deserve. 

(After emergency surgery and vet care, Pony passed away peacefully. We are glad we gave him every opportunity to live, but heartbroken that he is no longer with us. RIP Pony. We love you.)

RIP Pony.






Quasimodo, a purebred German Shepherd, was found as a stray and brought into a shelter in the South. The shelter staff believed that he had lived his life in a kennel, but later he was diagnosed with Short Spine Syndrome. This syndrome is only known to affect 14 dogs in the world, Quasi being one of them. Secondhand Hounds immediately stepped in to help Quasi, and on January 28th, 2016, he arrived at SHH (where he has become QUITE popular with over 280,000 Facebook fans!) He has been receiving treatment and care ever since!